Center for Complementary Medicine in San Antonio Provides Integrative Health Care for Optimal Vitality


Victoria Chang, D.O. provides integrative health care in San Antonio, Texas that promotes optimal health and healing for the whole body. Dr. Chang believes that you are integrated unit of mind, body and spirit and that the body is capable of healing itself. Her goal is to enhance and restart your body's self-healing capacity.


Victoria Chang, D.O. utilizes osteopathy and nutritional means to activate this inherent healing capacity and counteract chronic disease processes. She also looks at proper nutrition, sleep, and exercise to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Obtaining a detailed environmental history can be an important step to optimal health. 


She feels strongly that when you are truly healthy, you can live life to your fullest. Her goal is to help patients be pain free, at their physical optimum, with plenty of energy and creativity. Your body can heal itself and you can regain optimal health through the therapeutic treatments provided by Dr. Chang. 


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