After taking my daughter to her pediatrician for her 9 year checkup where she was screened for scoliosis, her doctor advised that we should follow up with an orthopedic specialist as she detected a curve in her spine. The specialist saw her and requested that we follow up in 6 weeks for a curvature of 14 degrees and said if it got worse, she would need an MRI and we may be looking at eventually putting her in a brace. A family friend, who is also a very well-respected physician in San Antonio, recommended that my daughter see Dr. Chang. I called the office and explained what I was looking for as I had never been introduced to osteopathic medicine before. Dr. Chang called me back herself and took her time on the phone with me, listening to my concerns. She was very kind and we scheduled an appointment for the following week. After weekly visits, we had the follow up with the specialist and we were very pleased to hear that the curve in her spine was decreased by half! In only 6 short weeks, we saw incredible improvement. I highly recommend Dr. Chang! Not only is she an excellent physician, she has a wonderful bedside manner and is fantastic with children! - N. Alvarez